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The rocker will grow with your baby from birth.

At the very beginning, it will be perfect as a cradle. The gentle movements of the rocker will soothe your baby during sleep. You can lie down with your baby while feeding or relaxing together.

When a few months have passed, the rocker will be perfect as a baby gym. Hang colorful ribbons or other elements, and your child will follow them with his eyes, stretch his arms towards them, improving fine motor skills at the same time.

When the toddler starts to sit, roll and crawl, the XXL rocker will turn into a tunnel, a ladder, a slide. The first rung in our rocker is low enough for a small foot to reach it easily. The rocker will help you get used to the height.

The next step will be to experiment with balance and movement. Your child will rock alone, with siblings or friends.

When your child is approaching ten years of age, the rocker will still be a great place to exercise. In addition, thanks to the ergonomic arrangement of the rungs, it will become a comfortable place to rest with a book.

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