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In the begining there was a wood

And kids saw that the wood was good


Adventure of a lifetime

Being a parent for sure can be one of the greatest adventures in our life.
Being a father of five is like never-ending story :)
When we started Woodu our fifth child was born.


Rocking like a pro since 2018!


Baby steps

Our journey began with a simple need. How do you fit five kids in a stroller?
Why would you do that, you may ask. Well, it turned out that besides being a modest transport vehicle, our kids loved one particular aspect of using it - rocking.
Later it turned out that a rocker can rock like no stroller :)


Here comes the Woodu

Woodu is a small, family-based company located in Poland. We want our toys to inspire kids to play in a creative manner.
We created rockers for our five kids and they are having lots of fun with it everyday.
This humble toy-furniture grows up together with them every year.


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About us

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