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How often a brand new toy looses its entertaining power within days?

This is not an issue with Woodu ROCKERS 🙂

The rocker actually has many names because it can be used in a multiple ways. It’s a mini playground but can be also used as a desk in your child’s room.

So how does it entertain and benefit your child? Here are the 5 key elements:

1. Coordination

Development of the ability to correctly perform complex physical task.

2. Concentration

Improved and increased power and focus.

3. Happiness

Fun and joyful entertainment (best for kids 0-5. Comes in 4 different sizes).

4. Creativity

A pirate ship in the Caribbean, magical bridge to a distant land or a basic swing/cradle/rocker/slide… Kids’ imagination is the limit.

5. Independence

Building courage and bravery.

Also you as a parent benefit from having a toy like WoodU rocker:


you gain some time off while your kid is being entertained in various ways


solid, durable and multifunctional toy which will last for years


natural and eco furniture-like toy for your kid’s dream room


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